Our barbers are experienced and creative professionals

At our barbershop, we prioritize quality and results, so we use only the best tools and products for perfect hair and beard grooming. Our services are designed to keep you looking fresh and stylish until your next visit.

With us, it’s not just about styling your hair, it’s also about providing you with an enjoyable experience. We place an emphasis on a relaxed atmosphere and will ensure that every visit is a memorable experience.



In our barbershop you can enjoy not only great hair and beard treatments, but also a unique and pleasant shark-inspired environment. The space is full of original decorations that create an atmosphere with a touch of adventure and elegance.

Each customer is entitled to one complimentary drink, whether it’s a refreshing soft drink or perhaps a glass of something spicy. You can enjoy your drink in the comfort of our traditional English sofas, which complement the overall style of our salon and offer the perfect place to relax before or after your haircut.

Come and enjoy not only a professional service, but also a relaxed seating area and an atmosphere full of shark energy in our barbershop.


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Senior Barber


Senior Barber



If you want to learn more about our barbers, visit our Instagram, where you can also see examples of their cuts. 

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